Gift Cards

Gift Cards are one of the most overlooked opportunities for business’s to grab the attention of new customers as well as keep current customers coming back.

Medical and legal practices sell prepaid services. Businesses issue gift cards instead of refunds (where allowed) – which keeps more money in your register.

Community associations, such as chambers of commerce and downtown development authorities, provide gift cards from local businesses to welcome new businesses and homeowners to the community. Some companies might partner with other businesses for cross-promotional opportunities using your gift cards as incentives to shop locally. 

Another avenue gift cards provide is being used as “comp cards”.  If a guest has a sub par experience a comp card gives you another chance to earn their business.

Here are a few ways you can creatively use gift cards to promote your business, build your brand name, and attract new customers:

  • Gift cards can generate brand awareness and encourage repeat visits to your store(s)
  • Research shows that purchases made with gift cards tend to be 20% to 50% higher than the average purchase at a merchant location
  • Approximately 70% of consumers making purchases with gift cards will spend more than the value loaded on the gift card.

And – perhaps best of all – you can start selling your personalized gift cards in as few as two weeks. Plus, they:

  • Work on most existing credit card terminals
  • Come with an array of easy-to-use reporting tools to help you manage your cards
  • Include 24/7 cardholder support that allows consumers to check their balance online

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