Cash Discount Program

It's becoming more popular by the day...

The cash discount program is a way to cut your processing fees. With the cash discount program, your business will pay 0% for credit card processing fees, while offering your customers a discount they will be happy to cash in.

Benefits To the Cash Discount Program:

  • Pay 0% for credit card processing!
  • Cut rates by at least 99%.
  • You keep 100% of your credit card sale. Sell $100, you receive $100.
  • Pay for only debit transactions (can opt out of this option).
  • Legal and compliant in all 50 states.
  • Eligible for Free Equipment program.

Cash discounting is quickly becoming the choice of payment acceptance today… Join thousands of business owners that are saving thousands of dollars on their credit card processing fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the cash discount program work?
Anytime a customer comes in and uses their credit card, the fee for using it will be passed on to the customer. Customers who pay with cash will receive a discounted price as compared to those who pay with a credit card. This allows business owners the opportunity to earn the same profit margins on both cash payments and non-cash payments by including processing fees into the price of sales made by the customers paying with a credit card.

Why consider cash discount for my business?
Cash discounting is becoming the most popular form of payment acceptance. From retail to restaurants, more and more business owners are selecting the cash discounting program for their business. With the current economic conditions, cash discounting offers business owners an opportunity to save every penny they can. You can offer products to customers at prices they can afford, while keeping 100% of the money you’ve earned!

What will the customer think?  Cash discount will only pass the fee for credit card transactions. Your customer can always choose to pay with debit or cash as a no-fee option. 

Fee Free Processing

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