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ISO Merchant Services Agent Program

Becoming an agent with Elite Merchant Services offers a wealth of opportunities and benefits, especially for those interested in developing a rewarding career in the credit card processing industry. Here are some key benefits:

As an Elite Merchant Services representative, you receive a 50/50 portion of residual income each month. As a result, the accounts you create will continue to generate income for you, giving you a reliable source of ongoing income. This is a big advantage because it provides ongoing income as long as the client is processing transactions, rather than just a one-time payment for obtaining a new client.

In addition to residual payments, Elite Merchant Services also provides bonus chances. You can receive more bonuses if you continue to open new accounts, which can greatly boost your overall income. This further encourages the expansion of your client base.

Detailed Support: As an agent, you are not alone. Elite Merchant Services offers thorough assistance to support your success. This may include customer service support for any queries or problems that may occur, marketing materials, specialized account managers, and sales training.

Flexible Schedule: The ability to create your own schedule is typically a benefit of working as an agent. You can control where and when you work, improving the balance between work and personal life.

Knowledge of the Industry: Working with Elite Merchant Services offers a great chance to learn more about the credit card processing sector. You’ll gain knowledge of the most recent trends, laws, and technology that will help you better serve your clients and establish your authority in the industry.

Growth Potential: The credit card processing sector is a dynamically expanding one. The need for merchant services is anticipated to rise as more businesses become aware of the need for efficient payment solutions, creating considerable development potential for agents.

Remember that, like with any business opportunity, your ability to successfully market and sell merchant services as well as your commitment to offering first-rate customer service will likely be key factors in determining your level of success as an agent.

Agent success is our mission. Experience a comprehensive independent sales partnership. Best in the industry ISO Agent Program.

1. We will put together rate comparisons and proposals for you –  Send us a current statement for the merchant and we will have it analyzed and back to you in 24 hours or less. 

2. Free Equipment Program – We will provide a free desktop terminal for all new merchants upon arrival. We will set everything up for them so all they have to do is plug it in and they can start processing that same day. 

3. POS Systems –  We can customize to meet their specific needs. We will have someone contact them, provide a demo, and they can customize it specifically to their needs. 

4. Guaranteed Lower Rates – In sending us their statement, we can lower their rates so you can present them with a proposal that will tell them their monthly and yearly savings.

5. Cash Discount Program – A program that can cut the merchant’s credit card processing by as much as 99%.

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Agent partner programs built to build your portfolio.

Our unique client and partner centric approach coupled with our years of experience affords you the opportunity to experience an unmatched experience.


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Unlock growth opportunities with our agent program. We offer generous revenue sharing options, business expertise, and more to accelerate your business. 

Benefits To Our Partner Program:

ISO Merchant Services Agent Program

Our Agent Partner Program will help you build your portfolio. We have a great support team coupled with our years of experience offers you every opportunity to maximize revenue!

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businessman hand draws gear to success concept

ISO Merchant Services Agent Program

Agent success is our mission. Experience a comprehensive independent sales partnership. Best in the industry ISO agent program

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